In this chapter I show to you the structure of several paintings from the beginning.   Sometimes the steps are quite large, because in my enthusiasm I tend to forget to capture the process by camera. The following works are reasonably well documented and therefore included here. When I speak of layers, that does not necessarily mean just one layer of paint, but indicates that the whole surface of the canvas has been worked on. Every painting has three or more complete layers, sometimes much more. The final version represents also the last layer of paint.

In late 2011, the portrait of the old taylor was finished. A year before I had started the work because it is so peaceful which I apparently needed.
A Buddhist painting in essence.


Final version "The old Taylor"


first coat of paint, acrylic on cotton, 50 x 70 cm

second layer


Final version "Lord Monckton"

50 x 70 cm, acrylic paint on cotton canvas:

                                                                                      preliminary sketch

           first coat of paint

                                                                       second layer

            final version


Final version "Provence"


first layer    and   second layer


Final version "Initiation"


preliminary sketch and first layer  

second layer and third layer


    forth and fifth layer




Final version "Diesel"                  Detail        



first layer                    second layer                 third layer



Final version "Indiaan"

sketch and first layer of paint

second layer, face and background

third layer, especially background



Final version "Carpe Diem", garage


                            first step                                     second step

third step                  fourth step            fifth step

sixth step              seventh step             eighth step

ninth step                     tenth step       

eleventh step                         twelfth step           

thirteenth step                    fourteenth step              

fifteenth step                         sixteenth step


seventeenth step, the last before the final version