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Portraits by order

A commissioned portrait is different from a free style portrait as it requires working together with the person who gives the assignment. Therefore it is vital that the artist is sensitive to expectations, special wishes, is able to adapt the painting to match another portrait or create double portraits on one canvas.

Portraits painted by life or in memory

Thankfully most portraits can be made when a person is alive and a photoshoot is possible, but
a painting in memory is a very dear gift for most people as often only photos are left.

There is no price difference. A photoshoot takes about half an hour and afterwards I reflect together with the client on the photos suitable for the portrait.
In case someone passed away I can only work with existing material and so it is even more vital to exchange information with the relatives.
It is important to know whether the photos are a true resemblance and also to compare photos from different angles to get a 3D image, to understand what kind of person he or she was, in which period in his or her life the photos were taken and so on. It is necessary to tune in once I start drawing or painting to establish a connection and be as close to a resemblance as possible.

Preliminary studies in pen, pencil and/or pastel

After the first exploratory phase, I start drawing. A black and white drawing to examine how much contrast a person can take in the final portrait and a pastel colored drawing to feel what colors are suitable. Drawing is not always necessary, sometimes photos are providing enough guidance.
Drawing however can help you to get an insight in the possibilities and choices to consider.  Moreover, a drawing by pen, pencil or pastel can also be commissioned. Not everyone desires a painted portrait on their wall.


Portrait in paint

The final portrait is made in acrylic. I can work with oil paint, but my health is dear to me so I prefer acrylic paint. Nowadays acrylic is available in very good quality and will last a long time.
Various techniques and effects are possible.
Before the portrait "Bonpa" was made, the client indicated that she liked a spontaneous, impressionistic style and these wishes were implemented while painting the portrait. Grandma who ordered two portraits from her grandchildren had envisioned those  paintings side by side, however the children had a very different energy. Still a match was needed.
The portrait of "Grandma with grandchild" was commissioned to a photo as a present. The client has provided additional information according the shape of the face, because the background and facial color were at some places blending together.
This problem can also apply to color of the eyes when a blurry photo is all there is to work with. Even a blurry photo can be a source for a good portrait, so never hesitate to ask my opinion whether it is possible or not.. with a little help and temporary feedback from you we'll get there together.

The portraits in this section are published with permission.


A complete package includes:
one photoshoot or interview (memory portraits), photo editing,
+ portrait in acrylic paint on canvas 30 x 30 / 30 x 40 cm
Total 350 euro.

Size 40 x 40 / 40 x 50 cm: 400 euro.
Size 50 x 60 / 50 x 70 cm: 500 euro.
Size 60 x 80: 600 euro.
Black and white drawing ink/ballpoint size A4: 150 euro.
Black and white drawing pencil size A4: 100 euro.
Color drawing with pastels size A3: 75 euro.

Different sizes or materials can be delivered, please request a free quote

Portrait grandchild C 

4 years old
size: 30 x 40 cm
substrate: linen canvas
material: acrylic paint
year: 2012

Portrait grandchild J

1,5 years old
size: 30 x 40 cm
substrate: linen canvas
material: acrylic paint
year: 2012

Portrait Grandma and grandchild

size: 40 x 50 cm
substrate: cotton canvas
material: acrylic paint
year: 2012

Portrait of Bonpa

size: 35 x 55 cm
substrate: cotton canvas
material: acrylic paint
year: 2009

                          close-up portrait