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Yagunda atelier: stap voor stap schildersessie Kloostertuin Tilburg

De website is geschreven in het Engels. Met Google translate kunt u het terug zetten naar Nederlands.
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Portraits by order for children or adults have a separate section in the website where you can find more about the procedure, costs and options. Those are guidelines, every commission is different and I can help you better to decide when we can talk about it. In general, you can find portraits in acrylic in the section Portraits.
The conditions for animal portraits can be found in
Animals on canvas, as many assignments are already there.  The latest animal portrait is called "Highland calf"

When you intend to  give an order for a portrait that is based on photo material, like a memory portrait, I can accept those through internet and we can discuss conditions by email, Skype, whatsapp. Though I prefer a personal contact when possible. To have an impression of how someone lived, where and with whom helps to get the whole picture and that is necessary to create a good portrait. It is definitely more than just a painting.
To give an order for portraits that require a life session and/or photoshoot , please send me your request and we will see from there.

Impression: Opening of the exhibition "de Schatkamer", 9-9-2017, Studio Dusseldorp Tilburg

Action painting live event
When you organize an event, you can invite me to paint an impression on the spot. Always different than any photo, cause it is never a momentum.

Art classes Yagunda Atelier
In spring and summertime I will organize outdoor painting workshops when then weather conditions improve.
Please contact me by email or phone when you are interested.

I offer a variety in workshop themes such as drawing animals, action painting, painting portraits from photo or life model, creative days outdoors.
For adults as well as for children there are numerous possibilities. Please ask what I can do for you to lighten up your party or event.
At the moment no workshops are planned, I'll keep you posted by Facebook and website.

Contact: Renata van Rijsoort  (also see facebook)
Lange Nieuwstraat 66,
5041 DG Tilburg
Tel: 0031-612703647 / 0031-633941670
Art therapy: www.yagunda.nl  (in Dutch)

This website was translated from Dutch to English in order to serve more people
Contact in person, by email or telephone is possible in Dutch, English and German

Last updated May 26th, 2018. 

On this site you find a selection of my paintings and drawings. When you wish to view a picture in detail, please ask and I'll send you a larger version by email. The originals (those still for sale) are in storage at the moment. As soon as the new studio is available, it is possible to make an appointment for viewing.

I do take assignments for paintings or drawings. Portraits were already mentioned. Besides that you can also request designs or illustrations, symbolic compositions, made to a photo or description. Copyright will still be with Yagunda, Renata van Rijsoort, but the material will only be published with your consent.

In case you would like to order an artwork featuring a delicate topic (yoni / lingam / Tantra), you need to provide your own photos. The following artwork can be inspired, energetic or realistic. Your privacy is guaranteed. Photos and final results are exclusively for you only and will never be published without explicit permission.
Price is on demand as it depends on material, size and time investment.