"The name Yagunda, as well as the logo, came to me in a meditation in 1993. During this meditation I focused on a deep inner feeling and guidance.
A long time I carried this information silently within.  In January 2007 I got the inspiration in a dream to connect the name Yagunda and the image of the open sun with my work.



For those who want to know, I share with you some information according myself, my professional background and artistic inspiration.

The first eighteen years of my life I was drawing when I could and wherever I could. For me it was a must, a way to deal with the impact everyday life had on me. I would not leave the house without pen and paper. So it was more or less expected that I attended Art School and I was looking forward to that moment, hoping that I could learn all those inspiring techniques to express the abundance of ideas I had.

However, the method of teaching in those days did not work for me and the natural flow of images turned into dust over the next months to come. I could not paint or draw anymore and was completely stuck. This was a huge loss to me and I decided to change my professional path completely.
Finally I decided to study at the Social Academy and became a social worker. During and after my education I worked for twelve years in several different jobs. Additionally I followed many courses, including a professional training of three years to work as a spiritual therapist. In 1998 I started my practice in Groningen for natural and energetic healing.

It would take years before artistic expression would return in my life.  I finally recognized what had happened to me previously in art classes, in fact I had translated energetic influences from my environment into images and had woven them into my creations. From my point of view as an professional energetic therapist this was only logical and only now I understood why my work had different styles. My teachers couldn't grasp that my work at home was so different from what I had made at school, they interpreted it as lack of artistic style. High sensitivity was not common knowledge in those days.

Once I knew what I could do with this ability, I started creating again. Healing paintings for clients, for animals, for nature. I started teaching meditative painting classes within my practice. Then I found out how many people were obstructed in their creative expression by teachers in school who did not understand that you need to free what is living inside your students and gently provide the tools to do so.

Ten years ago I made another step forward and began drawing portraits. Of course I have developed techniques to translate the persons features into an image, but much more important is to connect on a deeper level, to feel the energy someone radiates, to really see who is behind those layers of skin. That does not only apply to people, but to every living being. And the good news is, I can teach you how to do this in order to give your work the depth you want it to have.

To surrender completely to the flow of creation makes you feel alive and happy. For me that is the Art of Living and I would love to share it with you :>)